The Ramen Expo Committee goals are to aid new businesses and companies planning to expand to the US market. We aim to produce results that will positively affect the developement of your business. For those cooperating as a booth sponsor, we do not simply aim for participation but to set up mutual collaboration between sponsors to further develop their business and gain new clientele.

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Business to Business

This is a business to business event with opportunities for restaurants, companies, shops to experience food companies from Japan specializing in the ramen and izakaya industry.

There will be Japanese food distributors, including multiple manufacturers of noodles, gyoza, toppings, seasonings, sauces, soups, beverages, tableware, machinery, and many more! 

This event focuses on introducing Japanese food companies to establish their business in the US as well as a chance for the attendees explore new vendors to expand their menu, start a new line up, or starting a new restaurant.

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