Ebematsu is a wholesale and manufacturing company forkitchen tools mainly for professional use.With the vast range of kitchen tools in very good supply, we provide you both with high-quality made- in- Japan products and traditional and unique Japanese items. 

Heat resistant Black Ramen bowl inside gold

Heat resistant Black Ramen bowl inside g

Made of highheat resistance plastic, it is light and hard to break, and it dose not got hot easily.

Stainless steel Black Handle Power Grip Strainer

Stainless steel Black Handle Power Grip

Strong joint of thick wire. High durability;4times longer-life than a typical strainer.

Thick wire prevents mesh break, reduces leakage.

EBM Stainless steel Yakumi Pan

with cover

Stainless steel Yakumi Pan with cover.jp

you can keep it cold because the ice pack enters the bottom. The lid is transparency so you can see the condiments.

Tin sake cup


Tin sake cup FUJIYAMA .jpg

Known as the most expensive metal after gold and silver, Tin is very malleable and bendable. Though tin resembles silver in its whiteness, it does not rust nor tarnish easily.

Also, pure tin is significantly antibacterial and safe for serving foods. In Japan, it has been said that tin removes the bitterness from Japanese sake as well as other beverages. 

EBM Professional

Midium Whetstone

Professional Midium Whetstone.jpg

It can be sharpened well regardless of steel or stainless steel.It is a product with confidende.

RETRO Stainless steel

sake cup

RETRO Stainless steel sake cup.jpg

A gem that makes full use of Tsubame's processing technology. Sake wear with a brilliance like a worn-out antique shine was born.

Wine Glass

Antique Stem

Wine Glass Antique Stem.jpg

The glassware has been produced by integrating traditional and modern lacquerware technologies. The elegance and delicacy of the traditional swells have been preserved in order to meet the present demands. The product is easy to handle as it is dish-washer friendly. We produce special space with unique dishes.

Multi-functional  tong

(There are 3sizes)

Multi-functional  tong (There are 3sizes

The tip dose not touch the table, It is clean. And not slip into shallow plate. In addition, not fall the deep pot. 

Chopstick Tong wihe pattern


Chopstick Tong wihe pattern (sakura).jpg

The handle and tip are anti-slip processed for good workanility. Since the tip is thin,it also convenient for fine serving.You can feel the exoticism with traditional japanese patterns such as cherry blossoms,waves,and rhombuses.